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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Robotics Startups

I found a link to Willow Garage, a robotics startup.

Here are a few other startups that come to mind.

Sebastian Thrun's stealth startup Vutool, in SF area.

Aaron Edsinger's startup in SF, Meka Robotics. He made Domo.

Kiva Systems in Boston. They are going to explode, and you won't even see their robots. Better warehouse access is huge.

Q Robotics, also in stealth mode in Boston. Some very smart people there.

Anybots looks good, but I don't know their plan.

I'll mention US Mechatronics if only in hope that they go back to their sentry gun roots.

Also, note a pattern on the locations. Am I just biased towards New England and the San Francisco area? Probably.


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