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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DARPA Grand Chellenge III: Urban

Read this announcement (warning: pdf).

The problem is harder, and can be significantly harder depending on the conditions.

Does “obeying traffic laws” mean reading traffic signs? Will there be traffic? Will there be other sources of light or reflections in the urban area?

Will it be a steal & glass urban area or brick & wood?

Will there be obstacles in the road, like traffic cones or potholes?

Also note that they are giving money up front to some groups. Further, many groups can receive funds and the semi-finals, making research that much more worth it.

I look forward to the entrants. Hopefully, in 2007, this will be solved the first time around. Then the sensors and computation needed can be made cheap enough to be added to cars by 2010.

I’d like all cars and trucks to be option-automated by 2010 [meaning that humans would take over in worse conditions]. That could save tens of thousands of lives yearly, and raise productivity by a huge amount.


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